Pack, set, go. This is what I did two days back when I set out with the idea of traveling through the 33 districts of Rajasthan.

Over the last weekend of 2017, a casual, run of the mill conversation of what people on street aspire to be led me to this journey. Juggling the dates (rather looking at the empty dates I had on my calendar) available in sufficient numbers and discussing this at home and work I was at Sindhi Camp bus stand in Jaipur on January 3, 10 am set to board the Churu-Ajmer bus.

Choice of mode of transport is roadways bus for two reasons, first, it is most economic, criss crosses through the most exhaustive route and second, people from across the spectrum use it.

I have been on road for two days, met some people, young and old, listened to their views and it’s been a great experience.

My idea is simple; talk to people, figure out what is development for them, what they aspire to be, how their lives have changed over the last decade.

I have shared some bits on my social media and have received some feedback ranging from Discovery of Rajasthan to waking up too late to reality, to who’s funding( wish it was true) and what’s the motive.

My answer: it’s a simple self indulging adventure to go out and talk to people, try put my thoughts in words (I used to do that for a living till 2011) see if I can still write. Would like to do videos ( but that is way too much for me.

Experience over the last two days people shy away when the camera is on them, will try to find a way around.

I have been late on penning it, now onwards will update here what I see and observe.

Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, contacts any ideas or people, places that I should visit.

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